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IOB FASTag Recharge

IOB FASTag is a device that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that can make toll payments directly from your account without any stoppage on the toll plaza. This FASTag is affixed on the windscreen of the Vehicle, when that Vehicle passes by Toll Plaza, Toll automatically gets deducted from IOB FASTag account. It means that you have already paid the toll through IOB FASTag. This Tag has a validity of 5 Years. One just needs this FASTag device on your car’s screen and get it to recharge to top up the tag as per the requirement to avoid unnecessary Hussle on daily basis. One can easily buy FASTag after completing your FASTag registration and can easily get a FASTag recharge online whenever required.

So, one can simply visit to recharge your IOB FASTag and your recharge gets completed in easy simple steps. So, with IOB FASTag placed on the windshield of a Vehicle, one does not need to take pain to stop at every toll plaza. Whenever you pass by any toll plaza, your toll automatically gets deducted from your FASTag and you will receive an instant message. And while doing IOB FASTag Recharge online, one can have extensive discounts and can save a lot of money for himself. So, with FASTag recharge online with, one can save time, energy, and money which is the best deal for everyone who has a schedule of crossing Toll Plazas and Fuel Stations should opt for this IOB FASTag.

Fastag Recharge

How to make IOB FASTag Recharge online

FASTag Recharge is very easy on Easemydeal and can be completed in a few clicks, in a few minutes. Just follow the below 6 steps to recharge IOB FASTag.

Why to choose Easemydeal for IOB FASTag online

Easemydeal is one of the most solicitous and considerate organizations in the country. It is a customer-centric organization. It concentrates on customer requirements and fulfills all insistent and peremptory requests. It is the only organization that handles 100% refund requests if the customer is not satisfied with the services or his payments got failed due to some reasons. Although, it is the most trusted website in terms of customer service, security, quality services, long-term credibility, cashback and discounts, and instant call backs on queries and complaints. Inditab has 100% customer support for all the issues raised to the team. It provides customer support on calls, emails, and WhatsApp which is believed to be a good effort to reach its customers. Easemydeal takes ownership of every task and transaction end to end which is the best thing in Easemydeal.

It is the most secure website as it never stores payment details with them. Transactions done through Easemydeal are completely safe and secure. One does not need to worry about any security issues or any fraudulent transactions. It has a smooth and user-friendly interface which is the best thing every website should adopt to be in the most searched websites.IOB FASTag Recharge done through Easemydeal has 99.9% success rate. Easemydeal is one of the best platforms to recharge IOB FASTag.

IOB FASTag Recharge Offers on Easemydeal

Discounts, Cashbacks, and Offers are the most interesting thing to transact through Easemydeal. If We talk about Cashback offers, Easemydeal has the most interesting cashback offers on IOB FASTagwhich drag you to Easemydeal. To view and check on the cashback offers, you can visit we guarantee you, every time you visit this website, you will always get exclusive offers. So, while doing the IOB FASTag Recharge online, one can enjoy the benefit of cashback and discounts which is the most important thing to save your money.

Flexible Payment Methods

Easemydeal provides you with flexible and multiple payment methods. One can recharge IOB FASTag Online through UPI, debit/credit card, net banking, EMI, phone pay, free charge, airtel Money, OLA money, Payzapp, Oxygen Wallet, Itz cash, Yes pay, and PayPal.


1. How to recharge your IOB FASTag online?

In order to recharge your IOB FASTag online,


2. How can I recharge my IOB FASTag account?

You can recharge your IOB FASTag account by making online payments through Debit/Credit card or through NEFT/RTGS.


3. How long is IOB FasTag account valid?

The IOB FASTag is valid for a period of 5 years.


4. Can We Travel without FASTag?

All those individuals who do not have the FASTag on their four-wheeled vehicles will have to pay twice the toll amount at every toll plaza that they cross.


5. Is FASTag available in IOB Bank?



6. What is the Maximum amount of Recharge in IOB FASTag?



7. Can I show FasTag on Mobile?



8. Is there a penalty for no FasTag?

Yes. You need to pay double the toll tax.


9. Is the FASTag sticker mandatory?
Yes, FASTags is mandatory for all four-wheeler vehicles in the country from February 15, 2021.


10. Can FASTag work without a car number?
Yes, FASTags is mandatory for all four-wheeler vehicles in the country from February 15, 2021.


11. Can I use two FASTags for one vehicle?
Only one FASTag can be issued against a particular vehicle at any given point of time. Hence, you cannot use one FASTag for multiple vehicles.