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Electricity Bill Payment Online

There was a time when People had to stand in long queues to pay electricity bills, and had to pick a good amount of time from their busy schedules to pay the electricity bill but now we have reached to a time where One can pay electricity bill Onlinein few clicks, in few minutes. Electricity Bill Payment has now become a quick and easy process through online means. Paying electricity Bill Online is the most supportive way to pay the bills, one can pay electricity bill anywhere and anytime by simply using their Mobile Phone, Laptops, Tablets, or any other device.

A User can easily make electricity bill payments online with www.easemydeal.com. To Pay the electricity bill online, one has to go EaseMyDeal website and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit www.easemydeal.com
  • Select the electricity Tab.
  • Choose circle
  • Search Electricity Board.
  • Enter CA number
  • Click on proceed to pay.

With these few simple steps, one can easily pay Bijli bill and save enormous efforts.

Electricity Bill Payments

Why to choose Easemydeal for Online Electricity Bill Payment

Easemydeal is one of the most secure and trusted payment platforms as it never stores payment details with them. Easemydeal has excellent customer support on calls, emails and WhatsApp, instant refunds,99.9% success rate, 24*7 website uptime, smooth and user-friendly interface. The main aim of Easemydeal is to provide faster quality services with wide coverage and long-term credibility in 24*7 environments.

Payment Methods

Easemydeal provides you with flexible and multiple payment methods. One can pay Bijli bill online at easemydeal.com using UPI, debit/credit card, net banking, EMI, phone pay, free charge, airtel Money, OLA money, Payzapp, Oxygen Wallet, Itz cash, Yes pay or PayPal.one should even not worry about security issues at EaseMyDeal as it is most secured & trusted payments platform.

Electricity Bill Offers

Easemydeal provides various offers, cashback, and discounts on Electricity Bill payments. In order to enjoy extensive cashback offers, one can simply visit www.easemydeal.com/discount-coupon-Offers. Easemydeal is adequate in providing Cashback on all electricity bill payments online. So, while enjoying the benefit of paying the electricity bill online, one can enjoy the benefit of cashback and discounts.

Electricity Bill Payment FAQs

1. How to pay the electricity bill online?

In order to pay the electricity bill online,

  • One just has to open the website www.easemydeal.com
  • Click on the electricity tab.
  • Choose a circle and an electricity board.
  • Enter your CA number.
  • Click on Proceed to pay the bill.


2. How to calculate the electricity bill?

Calculating electricity bill is simple Mathematics. For example: If You use a tube light of 1000 watt for an hour, it means you consumed 1000 watt for an hour. Breaking it down: 1000w for an hour=1kwh=1 unit of energy. So, if 1 unit energy costs Rs 5, so your bill would be Rs 5.


3. How to get the receipt of an electricity bill payment online?

One can simply go to payment history and there you find your details, you will be able to get the bill receipt.


4. How to check the electricity bill status online?

  • Check your electricity bill status online with the help of www.easemydeal.com.
  • Under the Electricity tab.
  • Select your circle & board.
  • Enter your CA Number and then you will be able to view your pending bill amount.


5. How to calculate the electricity bill from meter reading?

It is very easy to calculate the electricity bill from a meter reading, you need to follow below-stated steps.

  • Check and note down meter readings. This value is in kWh.
  • Check the last month’s reading on last month’s bill and subtract the last month’s reading from the current month’s reading. This is the energy used by you since last month.
  • Now multiply the number obtained to charges per kWh.
  • This will indicate your Total energy charge. Now add total energy Bill to the fixed monthly charge.
  • This will be your total bill.


6. How to find the electricity bill consumer Number?

One can find the CA number on his respective electricity bill.


7. What is arrear in electricity bill?

It means that user has not made the payment before due date. So, when you miss your electricity bill payment before due date, your account will be in arrears.


8. Can I pay the electricity bill through EaseMyDeal after due date?

Yes, you can pay your bill after due date. But you have to pay late fee and even power may be cut as per the respective electricity board guidelines.


9. How many days after the due date is considered late?

30 days


10. Can We Pay the electricity bill online through indicash balance?

Yes, you can pay. It enables easy e-bill pay and equivalent indicash will be deducted from balance.


11. Which Platform is best for paying electricity bill online?

Easemydeal is the best BBPS platform for paying electricity bill online as it is the most trusted and secured payments platform with a number of discounts and electricity bill cashback offers. One should not worry about any security issues at easemydeal.


12. How can I check the electricity bill online?

In order to check the electricity bill online, visit the official website of the respective board, enter your CA Number and click on view bill. You may be required to enter your account login id and password details


13. What if the electricity bill is paid twice?

If it is paid twice, then you may have to go electricity office with your bill and the same will be adjusted in the next bill cycle.