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FAQs for Flight Ticket Booking

1. What is the lowest airfare for Kolkata to Mumbai flights in the next 30 days?

EaseMyDeal provides real-time fare information. To find the lowest airfare for the next 30 days, visit the website and use the search feature.

2. Can I get the lowest airfare for Kolkata to Mumbai flights in the next 90 days?

Yes, you can search for the lowest airfare for flights between Kolkata and Mumbai for the next 90 days on EaseMyDeal.

3. What is the cheapest fare available for Kolkata to Mumbai flights today?

To find the cheapest fare for today's flights, simply visit EaseMyDeal and check the current prices. They are updated regularly.

4. Can I get information on the cheapest flight for Kolkata to Mumbai in the upcoming 30 days?

EaseMyDeal provides a feature to search for the cheapest flight options in the next 30 days from Kolkata to Mumbai.

5. Which are the popular airlines for Kolkata to Mumbai flights available on EaseMyDeal?

EaseMyDeal offers a wide selection of airlines for Kolkata to Mumbai flights, including IndiGo, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, Vistara, AirAsia, Air India, and more.

6. How can I find out about wheelchair availability at Kolkata and Mumbai airports?

You can contact customer support for information about wheelchair availability at both Kolkata and Mumbai airports. They will help you with any preparations that are required.

7. Are there any discounts or cashback offers available for Kolkata to Mumbai flights on EaseMyDeal?

EaseMyDeal often features discounts and cashback offers on flight bookings. Check the website or app for the latest deals to avail of additional savings.

8. Can I book a one-way flight from Kolkata to Mumbai on EaseMyDeal?

Yes, you can book both one-way and round-trip flights from Kolkata to Mumbai on EaseMyDeal, based on your travel preferences.

9. What is the duration of a flight from Kolkata to Mumbai?

The duration of a non-stop flight from Kolkata to Mumbai is approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes. However, the total travel time, including layovers for connecting flights, may vary depending on the airline and route.


10. Can I carry extra baggage on my Kolkata to Mumbai flight?

Most airlines allow passengers to carry extra baggage for an additional fee. It's advisable to check the baggage allowance and excess baggage charges with your chosen airline before your flight to avoid any surprises at the airport.

11. What should I do if I need assistance or have specific requirements when booking my Kolkata to Mumbai flight?

If you require assistance or have specific requirements, such as wheelchair assistance, seat preferences, you can contact EaseMyDeal's customer support team at +91-8881300010 or send an email to They will be pleased to help you with your reservation and any unique requirements you may have.

Kolkata to Mumbai Flights

Traveling from the bustling city of Kolkata to the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai? Look no further! We've got you covered with all the essential information you need for booking your Kolkata to Mumbai flights on Easemydeal. This comprehensive guide not only covers flight booking details but also provides insights into Kolkata, Mumbai, airport facilities, baggage information, security check-in procedures, and much more.

Important Information about Kolkata to Mumbai booking Flight

When booking Kolkata to Mumbai flights, consider factors like the route's aerial distance of approximately 1,650 kilometers. Look for the lowest fare options and the convenience of choosing from multiple flights throughout the day. Popular airlines like IndiGo, SpiceJet, Air India, GoAir, and Vistara operate on this route. You can catch the first flight early in the morning or opt for the last flight in the evening for flexibility. Kolkata is served by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU), while Mumbai is connected through Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM). Be sure to check airport codes and explore various flight options.



Lowest Fare to Travel with Date

Rs.6525 - 14 Sep

Todays Lowest Fare


Total flights from Kolkata to Mumbai in a week

42 flights

First Flight

IndiGo, departs at 01:55

Last Flight

SpiceJet , departs at 23:25

Popular Airlines from Kolkata to Mumbai

Akasa Air, SpiceJet, AirAsia, Vistara, Air India, IndiGo

Airport codes flights from Kolkata to Mumbai

Kolkata-CCU, Mumbai-BOM

Aerial Distance

1652 km


2h 50m

About Kolkata

A Glimpse of the City of Joy

Before you embark on your journey from Kolkata to Mumbai, take a moment to explore the cultural richness of Kolkata:

About the City

Kolkata, often referred to as the "City of Joy," serves as the capital of West Bengal and stands as a major cultural and commercial hub in India. The city is renowned for its colonial-era architecture, vibrant cultural festivals, and significant literary contributions. Kolkata is a melting pot of diverse communities, creating a culinary paradise and a rich cultural tapestry.

Kolkata Airport

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) is the primary gateway to Kolkata and the eastern region of India. It boasts extensive connectivity with various domestic and international destinations, positioning it as a vital transportation hub. The airport is equipped with modern amenities to enhance the travel experience for passengers.

Places in Kolkata    

The city offers a blend of historical and cultural attractions, including the iconic Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, and Dakshineswar Kali Temple. Don't miss the delectable Bengali sweets, street food like Kathi Rolls, and Mughlai delicacies. Kolkata's markets, such as New Market and College Street, are perfect for shopping.

Nearest Railway Stations

For those arriving in Kolkata by train, the city offers several major railway stations, including Howrah Junction, Sealdah Railway Station, and Kolkata Railway Station, ensuring convenient rail access to different parts of the city.

Hotels and Restaurants

Kolkata offers a wide spectrum of accommodation options, ranging from opulent five-star hotels like The Oberoi Grand and Taj Bengal to budget-friendly guesthouses. When it comes to dining, don't miss the opportunity to savor Bengali cuisine, including delectable dishes like roshogolla and macher jhol.

Local Food and Markets

Exploring Kolkata's street food scene is a must for food enthusiasts. Indulge in mouthwatering treats such as kathi rolls, puchka (pani puri), and mishti doi (sweet yogurt). Explore iconic markets like New Market, College Street, and Gariahat Market for shopping and gastronomic adventures.


Kolkata experiences a tropical wet-and-dry climate, characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters. The best time to visit is during the winter months from November to February when the weather is conducive to outdoor activities.
Airport Address and Contact Information
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
Phone: 033 2511 8036
Address: Jessore Rd, Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal 70005


When visiting Kolkata, it's advisable to stay hydrated, especially during the hot and humid summer months. Carry essential medications and be cautious when consuming street food to avoid any health issues.

About Mumbai

Discover the City That Never Sleeps

Mumbai, often referred to as Bombay, is India's financial and entertainment capital. It's a city that never sleeps, offering a fast-paced lifestyle, iconic landmarks, and a thriving film industry. As you prepare for your Kolkata to Mumbai journey, here's a glimpse of what awaits you in Mumbai:

About the City

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and ranks as India's most populous city. It's renowned for its vibrant nightlife, historical sites such as the Gateway of India, and the iconic Marine Drive. The city is a melting pot of diverse cultures and boasts a rich culinary landscape.

Mumbai Airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) serves as Mumbai's primary airport, connecting the city to various domestic and international destinations. It ranks as one of India's busiest airports, offering travelers a wide range of modern amenities and services.

Places in Mumbai

Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is a vibrant city on the west coast of India. It boasts an array of attractions, including the iconic Gateway of India, the bustling Marine Drive, historic Elephanta Caves, and cultural hubs like Bollywood studios. Visitors can savor diverse cuisine and experience the city's dynamic energy.


Nearest Railway Stations

Travelers arriving in Mumbai by train can access the city through major railway stations like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CST), Mumbai Central, and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT), ensuring convenient rail connectivity.

Hotels and Restaurants

Mumbai provides an extensive selection of accommodation options, from luxurious five-star hotels like The Taj Mahal Palace to budget-friendly guesthouses. When it comes to dining, Mumbai is a food lover's paradise, featuring street food stalls, fine-dining establishments, and everything in between.

Local Food and Markets

Indulge in Mumbai's street food offerings, including vada pav, pav bhaji, and bhel puri. While exploring the city, be sure to visit markets such as Colaba Causeway, Linking Road, and Crawford Market for shopping and culinary adventures.


Mumbai experiences a tropical climate characterized by distinct wet and dry seasons. Monsoons deliver significant rainfall, while summers can be hot and muggy. Mumbai is best visited in the winter, from November to February, when the weather is comfortable.

Airport Address and Contact Information

Airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Phone: 022 6685 1010
Address: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Western Express Highway, Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai-400 09



While exploring Mumbai, be cautious with your belongings, especially in crowded areas. Stay hydrated during the hot months and be prepared for occasional rainfall during the monsoon season.

Kolkata Airport Facility

Enhancing Your Travel Experience

Kolkata's Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) offers a range of facilities and services to ensure your journey is comfortable and stress-free. Here's what you can expect:

  • ATMs

The airport features multiple ATMs from various banks, providing convenient access to cash withdrawal and financial services.

  • Wheelchair Availability

For passengers with reduced mobility, wheelchair assistance is readily available at the airport. Trained staff are on hand to assist you throughout your journey.

  • Currency Exchange

Currency exchange counters are strategically located within the airport, allowing you to exchange foreign currency for Indian Rupees or vice versa with ease.

  • Food and Shopping

Explore a diverse culinary experience with numerous restaurants and eateries. Additionally, indulge in some retail therapy with shopping outlets offering fashion, electronics, souvenirs, and more.

Mumbai Airport Facilities

A World of Convenience

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai provides a plethora of facilities to enhance your travel experience. You can take advantage of the following amenities:

  • ATMs

The airport features ATMs from several banks, including ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, and more. Access to cash is readily available for your convenience.

  • Wheelchair Availability

Passengers with reduced mobility can request wheelchair assistance at the airport. Trained staff are on hand to ensure a smooth and comfortable transit through the terminal.

  • Currency Exchange

Currency exchange counters are conveniently located throughout the airport, allowing you to exchange your foreign currency or withdraw Indian Rupees with ease.

  • Food and Shopping

Indulge in a diverse culinary experience with a wide range of restaurants and eateries. Additionally, explore the shopping outlets for fashion, electronics, souvenirs, and more.

Baggage Information, Security Check-in, and Documents Required

Before you embark on your Kolkata to Mumbai flight, it's essential to be informed about baggage policies, security check-in procedures, and the necessary documents you'll need. Here's a breakdown:

Baggage Information

  • Baggage allowance for domestic flights typically includes both check-in baggage and cabin baggage.
  • Most airlines allow 15 kg of check-in baggage per passenger for economy class. Premium classes may have higher allowances.
  • Cabin baggage allowances usually range from 7 kg to 10 kg per passenger.
  • Be aware of excess baggage charges, which vary by airline. It's advisable to check your airline's specific policies to avoid any additional fees.

Security Check-in

  • To allow time for check-in and security procedures, get to the airport early before the time of your flight. Follow security guidelines, which may include removing your shoes, belts, and electronic devices for screening.
  • Cooperate with airport security personnel for a smooth and efficient screening process.

Documents Required

For domestic flights like Kolkata to Mumbai, you'll need a government-issued photo ID as proof of identity. Commonly accepted IDs include Aadhar Cards, Passports, Voter IDs, PAN Cards, and driver License. Ensure that you have a valid ID and your flight ticket or booking confirmation when checking in.

Booking a flight ticket from Kolkata to Mumbai on EaseMyDeal

  1. Visit the EaseMyDeal Website or App: Start by visiting the official EaseMyDeal website or downloading the mobile app for easy access.
  2. Log In or Sign Up: If you already have an account, log in; if not, sign up by providing your basic details.
  3. Enter Travel Details: On the homepage, enter your travel details. Specify "Kolkata" as your Origin city and "Mumbai" as your Destination city. Choose your preferred travel dates and the number of passengers.
  4. Search for Flights: Click on the "Submit" button. EaseMyDeal will display a list of available flights from Kolkata to Mumbai based on your criteria.
  5. Filter and Compare: Use filters to refine your search. You can sort results by price, duration, airlines, or even choose direct flights if preferred. Compare the options to find the best fit for your journey.
  6. Select Your Flight: Click on the flight option that suits your requirements. Review the flight details, including departure and arrival times, layovers, and fares.
  7. Enter Passenger Information: Fill in the required passenger information, including names, contact details, and any special requests.
  8. Review Fare Breakdown: Before making the payment, carefully review the fare breakdown. Ensure that all charges, taxes, and fees are transparent.
  9. Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method. EaseMyDeal offers various options, including debit/credit cards, net banking, digital wallets, UPI, and more.
  10. Make Payment: Complete the payment process by providing the necessary payment details. Verify all information before confirming the booking.
  11. Receive Confirmation: Once the payment is successful, you'll receive a booking confirmation on the website and via email. This confirmation will include your e-ticket and essential travel details.
  12. Check-In: Before your flight, make sure to check the airline's check-in policies and complete the process accordingly. You may check-in online or at the airport, depending on the airline's guidelines.

Booking a flight ticket from Kolkata to Mumbai on EaseMyDeal is a hassle-free experience that ensures you secure the best deal for your journey. Enjoy your flight with the peace of mind that comes from a seamless booking process.

What advantages come with booking a flight through EaseMyDeal?

Booking flights with EaseMyDeal comes with several benefits that make it a preferred choice for travelers. Here are the key advantages of booking flights through EaseMyDeal:

  • Lowest Fare Assurance: EaseMyDeal is committed to offering competitive and affordable flight fares. Travelers can find some of the best deals and discounts on flights, ensuring that they get value for their money.
  • Multiple Payment Options: EaseMyDeal provides a variety of payment methods to cater to different preferences. Travelers can make payments using credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets, UPI, Pay Later, EMI, and various other online payment options.
  • Pre-Applied Coupons and Discounts: The platform often features pre-applied coupons and discounts on flight bookings. This means that travelers can enjoy savings without the hassle of entering coupon codes separately.
  • Customer Support: EaseMyDeal offers reliable and responsive customer support round the clock. Travelers can reach out for assistance through various channels, including phone, email, and WhatsApp. The customer support team is known for its quick resolution of queries and complaints.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website and mobile app of EaseMyDeal are designed to be user-friendly. Navigating through flight options, comparing prices, and completing bookings is intuitive and hassle-free.
  • Secure Transactions: EaseMyDeal prioritizes the security of its users. The platform does not store payment details, ensuring that transactions are safe and secure.
  • Flexibility: Travelers have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of flight options, including airlines, timings, and prices. This flexibility allows travelers to customize their bookings according to their preferences and budgets.
  • Exclusive Offers: EaseMyDeal often provides exclusive offers, cashback deals, and discounts to its users. These offers can further reduce the cost of flight tickets.
  • Instant Booking Confirmation: Once a booking is made, travelers receive an instant confirmation along with an e-ticket. This confirmation provides all the necessary details for the upcoming journey.
  • Travel Planning Resources: EaseMyDeal offers additional resources such as travel guides, city information, and weather updates to help travelers plan their trips effectively.
  • No Hidden Fees: Transparency is a key feature of EaseMyDeal. Travelers can trust that there are no hidden fees or additional charges beyond what is displayed during the booking process.
  • Wide Network: EaseMyDeal provides flight booking services for both domestic and international routes, offering travelers a wide choice of destinations and airlines.