Jack and Jones

Jack and Jones

Pump up your casual look with casual wear for men from Jack and Jones. Dress to your comfort with trendy designs and latest styles. Use Jack and Jones Gift Vouchers and Gift Vouchers at more than 200 outlets across India to get best offers on your purchase.

Jack and Jones

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1. Gift Vouchers CANNOT be used online.
2. E-Voucher will be delivered within 24 to 48 business hours.
3. The holder of the Instant Gift Voucher number is deemed to be the beneficiary.
4. Beneficiaries should announce the intent of using the Instant Gift Voucher before making a purchase.
5. Only valid Instant Gift Vouchers at the sole discretion of Jack and Jones shall be accepted for redemption.
6. This Instant Gift Voucher can be redeemed at listed 86 plus Jack and Jones premium stores across India.
7. Multiple Instant Gift Vouchers can be used against one bill.
8. Partial redemption is allowed but no refund or credit note would be issued against an unused or partially used Instant Gift Voucher.
9. Instant Gift Voucher cannot be revalidated once expired.
10. Jack and Jones affiliates are not responsible on account of the beneficiary sharing the Instant Gift Voucher and the Voucher getting redeemed on that account.
11. Any dispute should be referred to the issuing company and the decision of the issuing company shall be final.
12. The Instant Gift Voucher has been issued subject to terms of the company.
13. Jack and Jones Store Staff may ask for a valid Government identity proof at the time of redeeming the Instant Gift Voucher.
14. Vouchers will be accepted across all outlets mentioned, but Jack and Jones at its sole discretion may add or remove an outlet from the list without giving any prior notice.
15. Jack and Jones make full efforts to accept all Instant Gift Vouchers but on account of technical / administrative reasons, an outlet may refuse to accept vouchers.
16. Any dispute should be referred to the company from where the Instant Gift Voucher has been received, decision of the company shall be final.
17. If an Instant Gift Voucher gets blocked on account of technical issues, it would get activated in 72 hours.
18. Payment through e-Gift Cards is not valid during sales and promotions at local stores.
19. Validity of e-Gift Card cannot be extended, new e-Gift Card cannot be provided against the expired/unused e-Gift Cards.
20. Gift Vouchers validity cannot be extended once expired.
1. Use the outlet locator (https://www.gyftr.com/jack-jones) to locate the nearest Jack and Jones store around you that accepts this voucher.
2. Choose your desired option from their collection.
3. At the checkout, use your voucher to redeem it.

Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones is a Europe-based apparel, accessories, and footwear brand and one of the leading brands in the clothing industry. It has clothing for all genders and for all occasions. It has high quality and exemplary style clothes. It makes its own clothes, makes them a fashion and then sells them, that’s why it is called most fashionable brand in the industry. Jack &Jones is defined and represented by five unique brands that include Jack & Jones Vintage Clothing, Premium by Jack & Jones, Originals by Jack & Jones, and CORE by Jack & Jones. It has a mission to continue to build fashion inroads across the globe. It has 1000 stores across 38 countries. Within India, it stands proud at 69 exclusive brand outlets.

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