A passport is a travel document, usually issued by a country's government, that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder primarily for the purpose of international travel.
A passport is used to verify one's country of citizenship. If traveling outside your country, it is used to regain entry into your country of citizenship.
There are three types of Indian Passport, which are: Regular Passport has a Navy Blue cover and is issued for ordinary travel, such as vacations and business trips. Diplomatic Passport has a Maroon cover and is issued to Indian diplomats, top ranking government officials and diplomatic couriers. Official Passport has a White cover and it is issued to individuals representing the Indian government on official business.

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Value of an Indian PASSPORT

An Indian passport is a passport issued by order of the President of India to Indian citizens for the purpose of international travel. It enables the bearer to travel internationally and serves as proof of Indian citizenship as per the Passports Act (1967).
  • A passport is the main travel document to travel outside India.
  • Visa is a granted and stamped in the passport booklet to stay in a foreign country for a period of time.
  • International travel details of the passport holder can be found in their passport.
  • Foreign Travel.
  • Indian passport hodlders in 2018 were able to travel 25 countries without a visa.
  • Indian Passport is 71 most Powerful Passport in the World.
  • Indian Passport is valid for 10 years.
  • Passport can also be used as a residence or identity proof.

Passport Introduction

Indian Passport is a crucial travel document for one who travels abroad for any reason either it be education, family visits, business reasons, pilgrimage, tourism, Medical attendance. It is a document issued by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to travel abroad. Government of India issues Passport through a network of 37 Passport Offices across the Country and there are 180 Indian embassies across Country. Indian Passport works as a Id proof for Indian Citizens.

How to apply for a Passport Online?

New/Fresh Passport Application

Anyone who is a citizen of India can apply for a fresh Passport subject to availability of all required documents. Applying for new Passport does not mean that one will surely get Passport. Anyone’s Passport can be rejected at any point of time if documentation gets failed. The basic Supporting documents required with passport Application include:

  1. Proof of date of birth
  2. Identity Proof with Photograph
  3. Proof of residence
  4. Proof of Nationality

Renew Passport/Lost Passport/Damaged Passport Application

If Anyone’s Passport gets lost / damaged, his prime responsibility is to report for the same in nearby Police Station and to Passport Office (PO) or Indian Mission, if abroad. And one should apply for re-issue of Passport at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra or passport Office Passport Seva Kendra and submit the required documents along with Application Form.

Changes/Correction in Passport Application

If anyone wants to make any changes or corrections in Indian Passport can get it done very easily. Those changes may include changes in name, appearance, Address, Spouse Name, etc. In order to make these types of changes, one just requires to apply for the same and submit the required documents. These documents include:

  1. Name / Surname change by Women in lieu of Marriage
  2. Name Change / deletion of spouse name for divorced / separated Women.
  3. Name Change / Spouse name for remarried applicants.
  4. Addition of Spouse Name.
  5. Spelling / any other minor changes in name.
  6. Major Changes in name.
  7. Name change of Government/public Sector/Statutory Body employees.
  8. Change in Sex.
  9. Change in appearance.
  10. Change / correction of date of birth.
  11. Change / correction of place of birth.
  12. Change in current address.
  13. Change in Signature.
  14. Change of Father / Mother Name.
  15. ECR deletion.

Types Of Passport Issued In India

  • Blue Passport- Regular and Tatkal
    Blue passports are issued to general population. Generally navy blue colour is issued for ordinary travel such as business trips or vacations. Regular Passports carry name, date of birth and photograph of holder. Additionally, it includes various identification proofs for immigration checks.
  • White Passport-official
    White Passports are issued to people representing Indian Government in Official Business. The Application Process is even different from regular Blue Passport. And White passport Holders even get some special Powers in addition to existing rules and regulations.
  • Maroon passport-Diplomats
    A Diplomatic passport is issued to Indian Diplomats, top ranking government Officials and diplomatic couriers. These Passports are issued to officials like IPS, IAS. Applications for these kind of Passports are given a distinctive treatment and even Immigration is easier for these type of Passport Holders. Even it is not easy to take any legal action against these Passport Holders.

Passport Fee Structure

  • Regular Passport application Fee
    1. Fee for Fresh passport (36 Pages) of 10 years Validity is Rs 1500.
    2. Fee for Fresh Passport (60 Pages) of 10 years Validity is Rs 2000.
    3. Fee for Fresh passport for Minors (below 15 years of age) is Rs 1000.
  • Tatkaal Passport Application Fee

    Those Applicants who apply for Tatkaal Service need to pay only the fee under the normal service while making online Payment. The balance fee under Tatkaal is to be paid in cash at Passport seva Kendra(PSK) / Passport Office, once application gets accepted by officials. Online Payment will remain valid for one year from first date of appointment.

Documents Required for Passport Application

  • Documents Required for Fresh Passport
    1. Address Proof- It may include Aadhaar Card, Electricity Bill, Proof of Gas Connection, Telephone Bill, Water Bill, Rent Agreement, Passbook of Running Bank Account, Spouse’s Passport Copy.
    2. Date of Birth Proof- It may include Birth Certificate, Transfer/matriculation/School Leaving Certificate, Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, voter ID card and Life Insurance Policy in candidate’s name. All documents submitted as birth proof should have Candidate’s name and his/her date of birth mentioned.
  • Documents Required for Reissue of passport
    1. Original Old Passport
    2. Self-attested Copies of first two and last two pages of Passport.
    3. Self attested copy of ECR/non-ECR page.
    4. Self attested copy of page of observation, if any, made by Passport Issuing authority.
    5. Self attested copy of validity extension page, if any, with respect to Short Validity Passport (SVP).
    6. Proof of Documents which eliminate the cause of issuance of Short Validity Passport (SVP).
  • Documents required for changes/ correction in Passport.
    1. Name / Surname change by Women in lieu of Marriage
    2. Name Change / deletion of spouse name for divorced / separated Women.
    3. Name Change / Spouse name for remarried applicants.
    4. Addition of Spouse Name.
    5. Spelling / any other minor changes in name.
    6. Major Changes in name.
    7. Name change of Government/public Sector/Statutory Body employees.
    8. Change in Sex.
    9. Change in appearance.
    10. Change / correction of date of birth.
    11. Change / correction of place of birth.
    12. Change in current address.
    13. Change in Signature.
    14. Change of Father / Mother Name.
    15. ECR deletion.

Know Your Police Station

In Order to know your Police Station, One Just has to click on below mentioned link and enter the required details and you will get to know your Police Station.


Passport Appointment

  • How to book Appointment for Passport Seva Kendra
    One can easily book Appointment for PSK. One just have to login to website, Click on apply for fresh/ reissue of Passport link. Fill in the required details in the form and submit. Click the “Pay and Scheduled Appointment” link on “View Saved/ Submitted Applications” screen to schedule an appointment.
  • How to know Passport Appointment Availability Status
    One can click on the ‘View Saved/ submitted Applications’ tab and choose the ‘schedule Appointment’ option. Choose the applicable option from the two provided- Reschedule Appointment’ if you wish to change the date/time or ‘Cancel Appointment’.

Police Verification for Passport

Police Verification is a crucial stage in issuance of Passport as it is a very important security measure taken in concern of issuance of Passports in India. This is done in-person with Police officer visiting the concern Person’s Address in order to be sure that Passport will be given to correct Person.

There are different types of Police Verifications to be done in issuance of Passport in different scenarios.

  • Pre Police Verification of Passport
    Pre Police Verification is done after the Applicant has submitted the Application form and all related required documents but before Application has been approved. The Verification is done by Police Station under whose jurisdiction Applicant’s Address falls. The Police officer verifies the details like Applicant’s name, age and Address. This is done in-person with the Officer visiting the address as mentioned in the Application form.
  • Post Police Verification of Passport
    Post Police verification is that verification in which Passport has already been issued to the Application and Verification is done after that. This is done in certain cases. According to new guidelines, Police Verification is not required for reissue/renewal of Passport if the Applicant submits the reissue form before Passport expires. Additionally, the Applicant’s previous Police Verification should be clear and should have no criminal records against him/her.
  • No Police Verification for Fresh Passport
    Police Verification is not required when Applicant is Government employee/PSU/statutory body employee. He just needs to submit an identity certificate through annexure B and they will receive their Passport without any Police Verification.
  • Post Police verification with Aadhar
    In order to facilitate a more streamlined Process, Ministry of external affairs has permitted Post Police verification with Aadhar. Applicant submitting their Aadhar, Voter Id or PAN card along with an affidavit can avail this facility. This is not available for People who have criminal records.
  • Online Passport Police Verification
    The Police Verification Process is usually initiated by concerned police station after they get intimated by Passport authority. Applicants can also apply for Police Verification certificate on Passport Seva Website. The Website allows applicants to track the status of their verification.

Value of an Indian Passport

Indian Passport is a crucial document to be issued to Indian Citizens for the purpose of International Travel. It is issued by Indian Ministry of External Affairs. It serves as a proof of Indian Citizenship as per Passport’s act. The Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) unit of the consular, passport and Visa (CPV) division of the Ministry of External affairs works as the central Passport Organization and is responsible for issuing Indian Passports to eligible Citizens on demand.

Indian Passport has been ranked 84th in the list of World’s Most powerful passports in a recent report by Henley & Partners. Indian Passports got a score of 58 which means Indian Passport holders can visit 58 countries without prior Visa out of which some are Barbados, Bhutan, Brazil, Cuba, Hong Kong, Maldives, Serbia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia and Mauritius.

Indian Passport is getting stronger as the new Passport will have better paper quality, better printing and will have advanced security features. India Security Press, Nashik , has been agreed to procure electronic contact inlays. These will be used in new e-passports.

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Ans : Applicants less than 18 years of age are considered as Minor for issuance of Passport.
Ans : Endorsement of child’s name is not at all allowed in Parent’s passport. Every Minor should have separate Passport.
Ans : If Father is in abroad, it is not mandatory to obtain his consent if another parent has valid Passport and spouse name is added on it.Another Parent can give consent for the same, she just has to add annexure D or annexure C along with application If Spouse name is not added in her Passport, then she has to apply for re-issue of Passport and get spouse name added on it.
Ans : The Validity of Minor’s passport is either 5 years or till they attain the age of 18 years whichever is earlier. But any minor can apply for 10-year validity passport or a Passport which is valid till they attain age of 18 years. Both have different fee structure.
Ans : No, You cannot apply for 60-page book. Only 36 Pages book are issued to minors.
Ans : In such cases, Minors can be issued Passport under Tatkaal scheme subject to approval of RPO/ competent authority.
Ans : Separate Senior’s passport is not issued to Senior citizens. They can apply for an ordinary Passport with a validity of 10 years. Senior Citizens can be issued Passport with Post Police Verification if they submit Child’s Passport Copy.
Ans : Students staying away from Home should apply at an authorized Passport Application Submission Centre of Rpo linked to hostel/institute Address and can mention home address as permanent one and hostel/institute Ddress as temporary one.
Ans : If You are a student, You can get it reissued within two years of expiry of your existing Passport by specifying the reason for reissue of Passport. Other Applicants can get it reissued within one year of expiry of existing Passport.
Ans : Government employee has to submit identity Certificate while applying for a fresh Passport. If He / She submits Annexure A , Passport will be issued without Police Verification, If he/she submits Annexure G, Passport will be issued on Post Police Verification and if he/she submits Annexure H, Passport will be issued on Pre Police Verification.
Ans : If a Government employee wants to change name , then he has to submit the following documents.
  • Gazette Notification changing name in applicant’s department.
  • Fresh ID certificate in changed name.

Hence, advertisement/declaration in a reading newspaper is required.

Ans : In this scenario, A person has to reissue the Passport and get specified changes done in the personal particulars. To check the documents, please check on home screen.
Ans : If a criminal case is pending against you then Passport can be issued to you subject to written permission by court allowing you to travel abroad.
Ans : You have to fill up the application form and apply for re-issue of Passport. You can submit the required application form along with required documents.
Ans : Damaged Passport is one which is beyond recognition/mutilated/smudged entries/washed out.
Ans : Loss of Passport should be immediately reported to nearest Police Station then one should apply for re-issue of Passport. The new Passport will have a new Passport Number with a fresh validity of 10 years.
Ans : You need to contact the respective Indian Mission/Post to apply for issuance of new Passport. An emergency certificate may also be issued for returning to Indiaafter verification of Nationality.
Ans : You donot require Old Passport’s photocopy to apply for re-issue Passport. You just need to know some details like Passport Number, date of issue, date of expiry and place of issue and fill the same in Passport Application Form.
Ans : If you apply for SVP, then validity will be decided by Assistant Professor Officer / RPO.
Ans : If You need to change Photograph, You should apply for re-issue of Passport.
Ans : To change the date/place of birth in Passport, you have to apply for re-issue of Passport.
Ans : If you get to know there is typing error in Passport, You should immediately return the Passport for necessary rectification. An additional fees will be required and will e decide by Assistant Passport Officer. If there is misrepresentation of facts, Penalty will be imposed.
Ans : To endorse spouse name, you have to apply for re-issue of Passport.
Ans : If Spouse is a foreign citizen, Person has to submit Marriage Certificate by Indian Mission/Post abroad/Foreign Government/Indian authorities/Foreign Embassy.
Ans : Divorce Certificate is required in order to delete spouse name from Passport.
Ans : In order to change Address on Passport, One has to apply for re-issue of Passport.
Ans : You can apply for deletion of ECR at a nearby authorized Passport Application Submission Centre with RPO to which your preferred application submission centre is linked. For this purpose, You need to submit Passport Application form along with documents
  • Original and self attested photocopy of your Passport.
  • Documentary Proof for any of Non-ECR categories- if you are eligible for non-ECR.
  • Proof of present address.

To know the list of documents which can be submitted as address proof, Please click on “documents required” link on homepage.

Ans : In order to get the ECR status printed on Child’s Passport, You have to apply for re-issue of Passport and casn get the specified changes done.
Ans : The Practice of placing non-ECR stamp has been discontinued. If there is no ECR stamp in your passport, it means you are covered under Non- ECR category.
Ans : To change your gender or father/mother’s name , you have to get your Passport re-issued and get the changes done.
Ans : If You can submit the filled in Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) Application form at nearby PSK after registering as PSP user with RPO to which your preferred application centre is linked. If You are in Abroad, You need to contact the respective Indian Mission/ Post of that Country. You need to attach the self-attested photocopies of the following documents along with PCC Application form.
  • Passport in original with self attested photocopy of first two and last two pages including ECR/non-ECR page , the Page of observation made by Passport issuing authority and validity extension page, if any, in respect of short validity passport.
  • Proof of Present address.
Ans : There is no validity for PCC.PCC is not exactly a passport Service. PCC is a requirement of foreign government for grant of immigration/work/residence/family visa/permit. Generally it is considered valid for 6 months.
Ans : PCC can be issued for one country through one application form.
Ans : There is no age limit for getting PCC. Even minors can get it.
Ans : You can apply under Tatkaal scheme. If You are eligible, you have to submit the additional fee of Rs 2000. If Your age is above 18years, You have to submit three out of thirteen documents from list of Accepted Documents and if your age is below 18 years, You have to submit two out of six documents from list of Acceptable Documents.
Ans : The final authority for issuance of Passport under Tatkaal Scheme lies with Passport Office. There are a list of Documents who cannot apply for Passport under Tatkaal Scheme. To check those applicants, Please refer instruction Booklet.
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