Inglot is a Polish cosmetic company with a presence in over 70 countries. Today it has become a popular brand in the Cosmetic category among women. Use this at more than 150 outlets across India.


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1. Gift Vouchers CANNOT be used online.
2. Do inform the cashier that you plan using the GV for making payments before billing.
3. Only the listed Major Brands outlets at its sole discretion accept the GV. Major Brands may add or remove an outlet without giving any prior notice.
4. More than one GV can be used in one bill.
5. One-time use.
6. No credit note/refund for the unused amount of the GV will be given.
7. Major Brands Instant Gift Voucher (GV)/Gift Card CANNOT be revalidated once expired.
8. Major Brands Instant Gift Voucher (GV)/Gift Card can be used during sale.
9. Any dispute related to the Instant Gift Voucher (GV) should be referred to the issuing company and the decision of the issuing company shall be final.
10. Major Brands makes full efforts to accept Instant Gift Voucher (GV)/ Gift Card, but on account of any technical/administrative reasons an outlet may refuse to accept the same.
11. If an Instant Gift Voucher (GV)/Gift Card gets blocked on account of technical issues, it would get enabled in 72 hours.
12. Gift Vouchers validity cannot be extended once expired.
1. Use the outlet locator to locate the nearest Inglot store around you that accepts this voucher.
2. Choose your desired option from their collection.
3. At the billing counter, show your voucher to redeem it.


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