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Flipkart is India's most popular online shopping destination for a variety of products. What began in 2007 as an online book store now offers an incredible variety of products.


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1. The gift cards can only be redeemed online at www.flipkart.com, the Flipkart mobile app, or the Flipkart m-site (Platform) against sellers listed on the mentioned platforms.
2. Gift cards can only be purchased through www.flipkart.com or the Flipkart mobile app using the following payment methods: credit card, debit card, and net banking.
3. Gift cards can be redeemed by selecting gift card as the payment mode. They can be used to pay for single orders with multiple sellers.
4. Flipkart gift cards and Flipkart First subscriptions cannot be purchased with other Flipkart gift cards.
5. Gift cards cannot be redeemed in bulk on the platform.
6. If the order value exceeds the amount of the gift card, the balance must be paid by credit card / debit card / internet banking. The Cash-on-Delivery payment method cannot be used to settle the balance.
7. If the order value is less than the amount of the gift card, the remaining balance will be reflected under the same gift card and can be used for subsequent transactions.
8. Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
9. The cardholder may request that the expired gift card be revalidated. When such a request is received, the gift card may be revalidated after proper verification and may be subject to additional terms and conditions.
10. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash or credit.
11. Gift cards issued to you as a result of damaged, defective, or missing products may not be transferred to another account.
12. Xoxoday/Flipkart reserves the right to cancel such gift cards if it is discovered that they have been transferred to another account.
13. You are solely responsible for the gift card's safety and security. If a gift card is lost, stolen, or used without permission, Flipkart.com / Xoxoday are not liable for any acts of omission or commission.
14. Once you receive the gift card, you must keep the gift card PIN or gift card number confidential. In the event that the gift card is misused due to the loss of any such confidential details due to the purchaser's fault, Flipkart / Xoxoday will not be held liable and no refund will be issued.
15. At the time of checkout, you can combine a maximum of 15 gift cards in a single order. If you want to use more than 15 gift cards on a single order, please add the gift cards to your wallet first.
16. Flipkart.com / Xoxoday accepts no responsibility for the products purchased with gift cards and expressly disclaims any liability in this regard.
17. Once purchased, gift cards cannot be cancelled by the purchaser. Any cancellations will be made solely at the discretion of Flipkart/Xoxoday.
18. You can only buy 100 gift cards in a 30-day period, and the total value of the gift cards you buy in a month cannot exceed Rs. 100,000/- (Rupees One Lac only). Purchases that exceed these limits will be automatically cancelled.
19. Xoxoday / Flipkart reserves the right to cancel gift cards if they are discovered to have been purchased fraudulently. In such cases, the funds must be returned to the same source from which they were received.
20. Flipkart.com / Xoxoday reserve the right to cancel the gift card issued if the beneficiary / Know Your Customer ("KYC") details as per RBI Guidelines are found to be incorrect/insufficient.
21. You agree and understand that gift cards are a pre-paid payment instrument regulated by the RBI in accordance with the RBI guidelines. Flipkart / Xoxoday may be required to share the KYC details of the purchaser / redeemer of the gift card, as well as any other information related to the purchase of the gift cards and/or transactions conducted using the gift card, with the RBI or other statutory authorities. For any such information, Flipkart/  Xoxoday may contact the purchaser / redeemer of the gift card.
22. There are no fees or other charges associated with the purchase of a gift card.
23. Gift cards are not reloadable or resaleable.
24. Any gift card offer, including bank offers and instant cashbacks, may be withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of Flipkart / Xoxoday.
1. To redeem the gift card, visit https://www.flipkart.com/account/giftcard or download the app.
2. Select 'Add a gift card.'
3. Enter Flipkart's promotional code and activation pin.
4. Select 'Add Gift Card to Account.'
5. Browse through the website and place your order.



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